You Will be Surprised, This Tiny House is SPACIOUS

This extra is a creative use of space, explore simple in this tiny house walkthrough to get 20% off your bottle of ‘Magnesium Breakthrough’ and start sleeping better. Thanks to BiOptimizers for sponsoring this episode!

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Breezing Through – Margareta
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It’s On – Daniel Fridell
Rollicking – Margareta
My Soul Giveth – Tayler Watts

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    • Sleep like a baby and if I didn’t already have a year’s supply on disability, I would! Love the commercial 🤣 Teeny tiny home ❤

  1. No, I will not be convinced it’s fun to live in a 50sft space, nice try Agenda 2030. Bro, if you want to build something tiny, build a treehouse for your kids, AFTER you get a man size house and a wife. You look like a fool living in that kennel.

  2. 💥 Totally love it!
    The wood is so rich looking.
    Old thick pieces of gorgeous lumber.
    It looks hand- rubbed for years. BEAUTIFUL !!
    I’d like to buy something similar.
    Love the drop down deck. The white metal on one side serves the stealthy purpose. Bathroom beside the door = good idea.
    It even has room for a large comfy sofa.

  3. Neat idea, looks nice but not enough insolation for areas with four season weather. And the price for these are ridiculous, used to be affordable at ~20k now they’re easily passing 70k-200k which is stupid, since you don’t even get LAND with that. Definitely not economical anymore.

  4. Wow I would live there in a heartbeat you did an awesome job it is absolutely beautiful. Curious what your dad thought? I bet he was blown away ‼️👍💯

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