You Won’t Believe How Much Fits in this Clever & Compact Tiny House — FULL TOUR

The tiny house by Minimaliste is 24' long by 8.5' wide, so it's super compact but surprisingly it still fits everything from a U-shaped dinette to a main floor bedroom and even a mini bathtub.

Because it's designed to be so , it has dual systems to run off-grid or be hooked up to electricity and plumbing. It also has a retractable folding deck at the end for instant outdoor living space wherever it's parked.

You can find out more about Resorts on their website:

And you can find out more about Minimaliste tiny on their website here:

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  1. copy-pasting a reply i made to another comment: I am an RV tech and regulations where I am state you cannot have your grey water tank or sewage tank inside. They MUST be under the unit and vented through the roof.

  2. I’ve seen a wicked number of tiny home designs,but I Cannot believe the number of features I am seeing in only 24 ft.: on or off grid, (The dining area bed has been done.), washer/dryer combo, mini-bathtub, and, most importantly, A Main Floor Bedroom. The design is incredible! 24 ft.!

  3. 2:09 Great choice to put flammable clothing up against an inverter.
    3:44 That’s not a range, it’s an exhaust hood.
    and why is _every_ storage space in tiny-homes “Extra” storage. When do we see the main storage?

  4. For the most part, it is a good design. My suggestion, though, is that too much storage space is devoted to the kitchen and not enough to clothing needs. I would use at least half of the large pantry as a hanging closet.

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