Young Couple Climb Onto The Housing Ladder With Incredible Tiny Home

This weeks episode showcases a dynamic young couple and their amazing first . This home is modern, stylish and was an affordable way for them to get into their very own house in a city where most young people have been priced out of the housing market.

Especially in cities like Auckland, where the average house price is close to a million dollars, it can be incredibly hard for young people to get onto the . This couple thought outside of the box though and decided to start climbing the first step by building an amazing on wheels!

Laura and Declan have created a spectacular home for themselves. It’s modern, high quality construction has given them a wonderful and a brilliant asset which enables them to escape the rent trap and start building housing security.

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Presented and Produced by:
Camera: Rasa Pescud & Bryce Langston
Editing: Rasa Pescud & Archmage Cappuccino

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  1. One of the things that I absolutely love about the tiny house movement, is how it can help empower young people to get out of the rent trap and onto the housing ladder when they otherwise wouldn’t be able to! I hope you all enjoy meeting this couple and touring their wonderful tiny house. With love, Bryce & Rasa

  2. Every section of this house is so well planned to get storage and live a comfy life with minimum necessity.I dream of owning a house like this some day and bryce doing a video on it👍😄

  3. Hi, I wanna build a house of 400 sqft with a loft bed room in it. I am just thinking about and want to see any videos or architecture plan for that. Can you suggest any… 20 X 20 square feet…

  4. Great Tiny house , fanststic materials and style – awesome ! That fold Window on the kitchen are also so nice. Also the second flor ist fantastic. Everything matches to nice together.

  5. $130k… on rented land… eesh. Auckland prices for homes must be outrageous. Just can’t wrap my head around spending so much for something not so permanent. Nice build though…

  6. I’m in india but my brother is in auckland with his wife so I am following your page from the last 1 year… Tbh I always asked my brother to settle down as soon as I can and make a tiny house so that when I visit him one day I will make it one of my best trip ever…. you are really impressive but I cant make tiny house in india as I dont think it’s that much safe lol…. But yeah I really wish that I got a chance to live my some days in one of such house in Auckland 😅😅😊

  7. Beautiful home and I would certainly have a bbq deck on top of the home.I think I’d be a little scared to have big open doors like this as I’m going to be living on my own with my dog. So they would need to be bulletproof for me. .

  8. The house, the family, and the kittens are just awesome!
    Everyday, each video this channel uploads makes me want to go as minimalist as possible!
    Thank you for this great culture. ♥️

  9. So many thing that I love about this house – the stairs, that brilliant footwell and the bedroom. So functional and beautiful. Just love it.

  10. This has to be one of the most spacious tiny homes I’ve ever seen. It may have a small footprint but the illusion of openness and space was incredible! Well done.💚

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