Young Couple’s Gorgeous TINY HOUSE w/ a Sauna!!

Molly and Ken take us on a tour of their gorgeous in Austin, Texas, featuring a sauna in the bathroom. They share the space with their two dogs. is built by Mint Home, and they paid $80k for the custom build.

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Matt Alexander

Marcia Trader




  1. *_That’s great &)) I think your the best thing since Tp’s &)) I hope you get to be a big success in your weekly endeavor of show casing these gorgeous little tiny homes &)) your the perfect little angel to bring them to the world &))) :)) ;)_*

  2. Happy New Year to you too Jenna. we just love this couple’s tiny house they have everything you need and also a sauna.

  3. What a cool tiny home. Glad they are happy living tiny. I love the stairs, the infrared sauna also. I would do a few things differently but ultimately it’s pretty cool ?

  4. Cutest tiny home, cutest dogs, and cutest couple who not only obviously love each other, but actually really like each others company. Makes for a special and more lasting relationship! Love their vibe!

  5. Hi Jenna ?, thank you for another amazing video. Is it possible to get the homeowners to post where they got their furnishings. This house is beautiful and I LOVE? the storage sofa, the sauna, the shower, the bathroom sink…etc. ?Who would have thought you could put a sauna in a tiny house. Amazing?

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