Young Family Built Their Own Tiny House on Wheels for Affordable Living

Ashley and Chad decided to build their own on wheels after not being able to go the traditional route of buying a with a mortgage. They've lived in their DIY house for 3.5 years now and say this lifestyle has improved their quality of life in many ways. After the initial investment to build the , the couple says their expenses are quite low, about half of what they paid to a studio apartment, and this affordable cost of living allows Ashley to be a stay at home mom with their two children, and makes it possible for Chad to work close to home doing a job he loves.

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Ashley and Chad a.k.a. That Hippie Family

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  1. Thank you! I love this video and this lovely family’s set up. I had a little chuckle when their gorgeous dog initially came out of the dog house….for a split second, I thought it was a grizzly! 😅

  2. I love your set up. It’s very homey and cozy. Vancouver Island is amazing too. A little wood stove in the mud room would dry out anything: clothes, blankets, etc. probably could get a good used unit.

  3. I am thinking you could maybe make the mud room into a bedroom or part of it if it is big enough when the next baby comes. Or actually when the kids are older because you did say you coed sleep. I hope things always are good for you all. 👍👍☮️☮️

  4. Sorry but these type of houses/people frustrate me and are extremely selfish. There is no reason whatsoever to have that small of a house with 2 children. The only reason is for some misplaced sense of pride in having the tiniest house. Its not ok to have children cramped like this. Even if theyd added another 100sq feet, it would still be tiny but a lot more livable for 4 people.

  5. Amazing job. A lot of hard work. The helicopter in me is anxious about that loft and the little one. please put a barrier or something so he doesn’t fall.

  6. A message of support for this channel and a thumbs up on the video. Thanks so much for the effort to provide such consistently good content.

  7. Mark my words, their children will know the value of money, spread love and caring to all they know, know how to communicate well and resolve problems maturely, and will have a wonderful sense of freedom and wanderlust! All thanks to mom and dad’s vision and iron clad commitment to making it happen. Fantastic job!

  8. All is good.
    But you are trying to tell me it was okay to make the second babie in the same room your babie sleeps? Uh, nah .. no way …

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  10. What a great house-it’ll be great when you’re log heater is sorted in the
    Mud room, I’m assuming the heat would transfer into the rest of the home. The landlord seems fantastic. Australia 🇦🇺

  11. It’s sad that it’s acceptable for a lot of people live like this. That tiny is acceptable. Because it means that they can’t afford at least a 1800 sf house.

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