Young Man Builds Super Cheap Tiny House with Clever Elevator Bed

Tyler is an engineering grad who built a budget-friendly DIY tiny house to give himself the gift of a -free home, and because he enjoyed the challenge of bringing a project like this to life.

When we first heard about Tyler’s tiny house, we didn’t have many details about his build, so it was a complete surprise when we walked in and learned about the really he used for his elevator bed and for his radiant heated-ceiling heat system.

We were also impressed with home much of his build was done with reclaimed materials, resulting in a budget and eco-friendly project that came in at $20,000 CAD (~$15,000 USD).

We you enjoy touring his home on wheels and finding more about the motivation behind Tyler’s project.

Thanks for watching!

Mat & Danielle




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Filming Credits:
Mat of Exploring Alternatives


  1. He would have been better off with an electric fire place than running plumbing through the ceiling. On his bed the Manuel hand crank is better if it was electric and the bed look really short. A comfortable bed would be s queen and a tv that could be seen below as well as above the bed for those days you have the flu or just get to relax.

  2. having lived in Germany for over a year, I find ventilation and floor heating a crucial part of a tiny house. Now summers are getting really hot in here and there is no tiny AC that I know of that consumes less energy. If attached to grid, it’s definitely worth using an AC in mid-day too.

  3. An Engineer will tell you the heated ceiling won’t work for most people. The fact your bed is higher it is a good option for when you sleep. The energy efficiency will not be very good without lot’s (R-30+) insulation on the roof. The good thing is you could use it too cool the unit in the summertime, you would still be better installing in the floor in addition to the ceiling. If you were going to do the ceiling IR would be better. Your radiant heat with the metal behind the tubes is correct but you need a radiant barrier (foil) since the insulation etc won’t reflect the heat.

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