Young Woman’s Incredible Tiny Forever Home

While for some, are temporary stepping stones, this young woman's on wheels has been as a dream tiny forever home. Within the walls of this house, owner Helen has absolutely everything she needs and has compromised on nothing.

Slightly wider than a normal tiny house, this impressive has meant that this home has a tremendous amount of functionality within a relatively footprint. Knowing that she planned on living in the house for the foreseeable future, she really wanted to make sure that she could create a space that would truly work for her.

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The design of this tiny home has also allowed Helen to build in some really unique features, including a lounge / media where she can relax at the end of the day, sit back and enjoy a movie. Living in this tiny house is a dream come true for Helen and it's great to see all her hard work pay off. I hope you enjoy the video tour of this wonderful tiny home.

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Editing: Rasa Pescud

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  1. Every space is carefully thought of and turned out to be what I wanted in a tiny dream house. You can even have a party on the deck. The kitchen area is perfect as well as the bathroom/laundry area. You can never go wrong with the living having a coffe and the bedroom. But as soon as they come up to the reading area, I’m sold! ???That area will be my first love! I could live in that space reading novels for my entire life. Helen’s such a great woman. This is the most beautiful tiny house I’ve seen on this program.

  2. This is one amazing home! There have been elements I’ve seen in other homes, as well as thoughts I’ve had on my own, and this house incorporates them all in one, seemingly perfect package. Kudos to Helen! She’s done a beautiful job.

  3. I don’t feel like I sacrificed anything.. That’s because your mum and dad worked for 40 years to be able to gift it to you… Should be proud of your achievements, 21 and already in a granny flat.

  4. Beautiful! Well planned and wisely executed. I despair though that I’ll never be able to afford one because the prices are so high nowadays to where they start to be priced like regular condos and, of course, I have no family land to park one on.Tiny houses are starting to seem like less of an option for my husband and I, especially if we hope to have children one day.

  5. Loved everything of this tiny but not so tiny, smiles! Because of how Helen put everything and seems magnify everything, it’s well thought design, so roomy and full of storage, the color, the indoor plants! I cannot enumerate/elaborate more because obviously we’re all watching/looking at the same video. If I will build a tiny in the future, I will definitely will get a lot of Helen’s idea. Thanks Helen for sharing this lovely place if yours and Bryce, awesome job for this. God bless you.

  6. What an absolutely brilliant design! This definitely is living big in a tiny house, wow!
    Nothing was mentioned about this, but since she lives on the property of her parents, she probably doesn’t have to pay anything to stay there, which is a big help as well. It’s wonderful to have supportive parents, but just remember that they will not be there forever.

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