Young Woman’s Off-Grid Green Built Tiny House Designed For a Sustainable Future

This beautiful tiny is constructed with a whole lot of heart and some wonderful sustainable . When decided to build a for herself, she realised that for the cost of two years rent in Colorado she would be able to pay for the materials to build her own tiny home wheels.

The result of her efforts is an incredible green- tiny home which has been constructed entirely of eco-friendly materials which can all be recycled or will bio degrade at the end of the buildings life. The home is designed to be off-the-grid, with solar soon to be added to her set-up and is packed full of reclaimed and healthy materials.

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Isabelle's website is filled with great information on sustainable construction of tiny homes:

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  1. Hey all! Sorry for a bit of a delay in the upload of this video. We’ve been traveling back to New Zealand from the US and missed our usual upload time-slot, so sorry about that! I hope you enjoy this video and that it was worth the wait. We will be back home to rest up for a week, before jumping over to Australia for a tour, where we will be driving from Melbourne to Brisbane and filming lots of great tiny house stories along the way. After Australia, we will be doing another big loop of New Zealand, so get ready for lots more stories from down under in the near future. Thanks for watching, and enjoy the video! – Bryce

  2. Bryce, a sincere thank you. As much as I love tiny homes, it’s the stories and enthusiasm behind the builds that intrigues me the most, and many of these stories would not come to light without you traveling around and sharing it with us! Thanks buddy.

  3. The design and interior design is beautiful and tasteful.
    In some of the videos, there is a recurring theme of daughters and fathers building together. I love that, and wish my father were around to be inspired by these people.

  4. Wow. This has to be the most beautiful tiny house I’ve seen! I would love to live in it! Tiny house living hasn’t really reached us here in the UK. I think some people. Including myself. Can be over loaded with personal possessions. And it weighs us down. Living in a tiny house seems to be more freeing. I love this tiny house!

  5. WOW! This beautiful tiny house is about the brightest, airiest one that I ever viewed, she and her dad did a super fantastic build!

  6. I love her tiny home. Her educational background is very solid, and it made her very conscious of the types of materials she was bringing in to not only construct her home but also her bedding. Brilliant job. The interior of her house is extremely beautiful. Love her bathroom.

  7. Wow, Isabelle and her dad did a wonderful job with this house. It’s one of the most beautiful ones I’ve come across. Apart from being well designed, she just has great taste – and that’s something you can’t buy with money… Really lovely! <3

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