Young Woodworker Crafts Stunning Off-Grid Tiny House

This young woman has turned her love of wood-working into the ultimate accomplishment, building her very own home! After falling in love with the idea of a on wheels, and staying in several during her travels, upon returning to England, Florence was inspired into action and started crafting her very own tiny house.

Her is absolutely stunning. As you would expect from a passionate woodworker, the house is filled with beautiful timbers. Many of the items inside the home have been reclaimed and recycled helping her to keep the tiny homes budget affordable. The house is also completely , generating energy from a solar system and using a spring fed water supply.

For its compact footprint, this house has it all and the clever use of space and functional design makes this home not only a visual beauty, but also a joy for Flo to live in. I hope you enjoy the video tour of this very special tiny home.

Find out more about this tiny house and others on our website:

Presented and Produced by: Bryce Langston
Camera: Rasa Pescud & Bryce Langston
Editing: Rasa Pescud

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  1. Hey all! I hope you enjoy this weeks video. Florence’s home is beautifully crafted and such a great reminder of why I love these character-filled DIY projects so much! All the beautiful timber and stunning reclaimed materials have really come together into a very beautiful home. Thanks so much for watching! Love Bryce & Rasa.

  2. Loving this channel so much. I just discovered it a few days ago and now I got addicted to watching their videos! I wanna be an architect someday. And this inspires me. God bless this channel!

  3. Oh this is wonderful! I’ve never seen anybody in the UK do a tiny home like this. I’ve wanted to for a while and this is really inspirational! And a woman carpenter!!! I think she’s living my dream and I’m very jealous

  4. Florence;  you are a warm soul at such a young age.  The lighting, honey colored wood, and warm textures make this a very special home. You could be called “Saji Girl” (I believe saji is spoon in Japanese)

  5. The house and owner are both adorable. It is amazing how large it is inside compared to how it looks outside. The white and subtle wood is perfect for the enlarging illusion. Great job! One of the best for the budget yet.

  6. I wished for an European tour so many times. And here it is with, so far, three wonderfull tiny houses and their charming owners. Thanks Bryce & Rasa. Looking forward to the rest of it.

  7. Great job you two. And I echo your comments. Congrats to Flowe, truly an inspiration to all those watching. Great work!!!!!

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