Zen forest house: 11K, handcrafted, small home in Oregon

Brian Schulz desired to see “how small of a house I can make really feel big”. Inspired by the Japanese minka homes that place confidence in and steeply sloped roofs to build cost-effective, open structures, Schulz created a employing supplies salvaged or sourced from within 10 miles of his home.

The result's a 14-by-16-foot home in tune with its environment that cost only 11,000 dollars – largely for concrete, shakes and insulation-, together with about a 12 months and half of Schulz's spare time.

Much of the Schulz collected from the bay when kayaking (he teaches conventional wood kayak-building for a living) after which he milled it himself on-site. Corner posts were blowdown trees from a good friend's forest. Kitchen counters had been milled from a fallen tree he'd held onto for eight years. Stair railing is alder poles cut from beside the house.

The three tables in the home had been cut from cedar discovered on the seashore and constructed in 2 hours. He laid flooring making use of low-grade reject fir, created trim making use of miscellaneous scrapwood and purchased all of the home's windows for $40 from the nearby dump (the french doorways got here from craigslist).

More information (+ rest room photographs): http://capefalconkayak.com/japanesehouse.html

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