1. I really wanted to jump on this but my spirit tells me the panels used in construction pose a health risk 😢. The unanswered questions are the ones that cause me to pause. Could be nothing but I’ve got to follow my gut. I converted a van and it’s insulated with wool. I don’t have a clue about the long term affects of these foam panels and potential off gassing. I love what they are doing for those needing affordable shelter. I applaud ITH for their efforts. I wish more information was available so one could make an educated decision.

    • Wouldn’t the spray foam be encapsulated within the metal walls? I understand your concern but I think it’s worth investigating further.

    • ITH quickly deleting comments about their overseas manufactured panels without any USA VOC safety certifications, like Greenguard or Greenguard Gold…🙂

    • @@alissamejia2743 Good observation that you’ve made. Any comments about the panels are ignored/deleted, and there have been many. ITH knows that they are not certified, and is hiding that from buyers.

    • I understand, I had questions about the trailers they use, and I could not get anyone to answer one question on several lives and comments, or from phone messages.

    • That’s very bad business if you are not answered of your very important questions on health hazards. That’s top priority.

  2. Amanda, I love your glasses, you look beautiful with them, but always are beautiful. Hope your son gets the tiny house deal😊

  3. Hey Amanda. Can you help me get a message to Randy. I found a trailer manufacturer in New England. They might be able to give u better pricing. The owner wants to speak with Randy

  4. Ya’ll are so generous with your deals !! I have someone interested in buying my house. Let’s Pray 🙏🏼 I sell it in time to get in on this once of a lifetime deal !! Thanks a bunch 💐Amanda and Randy for all you are doing by providing affordable housing. Our country needs people like you more than ever. God Bless.❤

  5. How many people have paid in full and are still waiting on their homes & lots? From Start Engine comment/discussion section 2 days ago: “Good morning Randy my name is Laura Johnson I met you last year in September 2023 when I purchased a Charleston 10 X 30 tiny home I haven’t received it yet but look forward to moving in some time future. I’m still homeless. I had been researching tiny homes because I became homeless in 2016. But through it all I was able to preserve and was able to get money to purchase this tiny home. I truly believe tiny homes are the future for this housing problem. My question is where do I go from here I invested in Incredible homes but not sure what I’m to do now.”

    • Still waiting for my home to be finished – 10×38 custom built. I ordered it early 12/2020. I have another home still MIA, contracts completed early 10/2022. My first ESP home (10×20) took 16 months from the time of order to delivery. Hope that gives one some kind of ideas about actual delivery times you might expect. For sure, the assembly line is speeding up production these days, but still, not as fast as you might think. ALL of my homes a long time ago were paid in full, same with my Mountain Lot, waiting 40 months and counting.

    • wow…wonder how many others there are, the financial statement they provided to Start Engine says they have collected $20m in prepaid deposits. It does not say where that money is though.@@Roobah

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