This Tiny House Design Changes Everything!

This couple has for their retirement and their spectacular tiny home leaves nothing to be desired! Every inch of this tiny home has been perfectly designed for them to live big after going tiny. If you've been on the fence about , this might just be the that helps to sway you!

Sheila and Noel are Shaye's Mum and Dad.

After watching their daughter's tiny house journey, Shiela and Noel decided to take the plunge and give it a go for themselves, selling up their conventional family home and a truly spectacular tiny house to call home. Downsizing their home to enjoy a greater quality of life and freedom in their retirement.

This really is a tiny home that wants for nothing. It's designed to be spacious, with generous indoor / outdoor . There's space for , entertaining, a sizeable bedroom and even several sleeping loft rooms, including a play-room for the grand kids. This is a very well thought out tiny house which makes downsizing !

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  1. This tiny house design is absolutely brilliant! There’s so much home here which has been packed into an ultra-compact and also expandable footprint. This is a great example of how tiny houses are changing to truly meet peoples needs. We hope you enjoy the full tour of this wonderful home! Thank-you for watching and supporting our show! With Love, Bryce & Rasa

  2. Can I see the floor plan? Happy to pay. About to start my 1st tiny diy build and just can’t wrap my head around som rooms? 😅

  3. I love that she has done the house in three distinct sections. The bathroom is huge compared to the one I have. Better laid out. The deck is totally functional the year round. I love the wood accents on the exterior.

  4. What a lovely lady and so inspirational.
    This video shows the prefect combination of style and practicality. I would love a plot like that and a comfortable home.
    I’m sure a lot of the vibe here comes from the residents who have created their own oasis of happiness and tranquility. I’m sure I’ve seen her daughter’s videos as I’ve watched all of your content , but I’m now going to rewatch to refresh the memory.

  5. I remember Shay, her episode was the one that convinced me that I could actually go tiny. This tiny home is equally as beautiful

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