He downsized into a Tiny House & has more free time than ever before!

🛠️ 👉 His 9.8 m / 32 ft by @IndigoRiverTinyHomes: https://www.indigorivertinyhomes.com/chuys-house


🤝 Brand Deals: tinyhouseexpedition@thestation.io

✨Check out our website for tiny house resources: https://tinyhouseexpedition.com

Video Chapters:
0:00 – his 10 ft wide tiny house
2:19 – interior, 372 sqft home
4:05 – fitting in a -size couch
5:03 –
7:14 – his journey
8:30 –
9:39 – bathroom with full-size W/D
11:23 – height
12:40 – researching builders
14:06 – tiny house cost
15:53 – benefits of tiny living
16:58 – future dating requirements
17:36 – hello from

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  1. Don loves how much more free time he has and how much money he’s able to save for retirement because of tiny home living. It’s been a liberating change of pace after downsizing from a big house. His 35 sqm/372 sqft tiny house features lots of natural light, a standing-height bedroom loft, and is full of creature comforts, like a full-size couch & W/D. See the link above for his extra-wide model by Indigo River Tiny Homes. 👉 *Watch the tour of an artist’s tiny home/art studio:* https://youtu.be/VfyLV8X0nZo?si=68mdv9onR0AO7f8y

  2. Your home is cozy and well thought out neighbor! I can’t believe I’ve dreamed of finding a place to put a tiny by Indigo River for years and you’re practically next door to me. I need to get on this wait list to be living here full time! Thank you for sharing. Any tips please send them my way! Bless and keep you and yours.

  3. Amazing design! I’m hoping to do what you did…get rid of stuff. Two storage units filled with things I never see. So much anxiety. How do I go about doing this?

    • Linda the first step is the hardest. Figure out a plan in your mind and then take baby steps. Really evaluate everything you currently have and only keep the family mementos. Everything else is fair game

  4. Thanks so much to Don for sharing his life & home so openly! We are blessed to have him in our “IRTH family” of homeowners. ❤

    And thanks to @Tiny House Expedition for the stellar video! ❤
    Heaps of love to you all! 😘
    #IRTHome26 #HomesteaderFloorPlan

  5. Hi Don. I put a comment here before as we live close by…..and I want to invite you to stop by the RTown Art gallery on Main St in Grapevine! You can see the monthly events online. I’m a resident artist there. LadyMaryAArt………

  6. The bedroom still makes me feel claustrophobic, and I don’t know if I’d be able to climb up in the bed. But god bless him that he still can!!

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