Simple Cabin Life In The Woods Of Vermont

September 29, 2023 john 20 77329 12:53

There are very few things in life that sound quite as idyllic as a cabin in the woods and this beautiful home in Vermont is a perfect example of just that. Katie and Drew are two wonderful people who have masterfully escaped the rate race and instead chose a simpler and more fulfilling way of…

160Sqft Tiny House Cabin Full Tour!

September 29, 2023 john 35 70477 08:02

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Army truck turned Tiny Home w/ bathroom, elevator bed & more

September 26, 2023 john 19 54421 15:50

Apollo takes us through his incredible off-grid Tiny Home, which he built himself out of a converted army truck / military vehicle. He lives in this off-road capable rig full time so that he can live near his work sites – where he clears and renovates properties. CHECK OUT APOLLO’S BUSINESS SERVICES: MORE MORE…

SIX clever money saving TINY HOUSE tips/hacks w/reuse and salvage

September 26, 2023 john 10 902 05:28

We’ll have a full tour soon, but you can see even more in the full length film that is now out on Amazon. In this particular clip we talk to Alex Eaves (of Stay Vocal Apparel/Clothing) and get his take on the “Top six reuse elements or hacks in his tiny house on wheels” while…

Tiny House Living: Tour of the Incredible Tiny Homes Community

September 25, 2023 john 33 10197 06:23

Since airing the last two tours of tiny houses at the Tiny Home Community in Newport, Tennessee several Glowbies have requested me to do a tour of the grounds of the community. In this short video I do just that. There are several smaller “villages” within thr larger ITH community and I take you thru…

Top Small Living Room Design Ideas! 💡

September 22, 2023 john 18 68622 18:21

In this episode, we deep dive into design ideas for small lounges and living rooms. It’s probably the room you’ll spend the most time in, so it’s an important one to get right! Trust me about this, because when I designed my first tiny house, I certainly messed this part up! 😂 An any home,…