THE BEST space saving Tiny House Bed I’ve seen!

July 12, 2021 john 17 1974 02:26

Here’s a little clip from an upcoming full tour on a great Rhode Island area Shipping Container tiny home that was built and designed by Cam (Camerson) Chafee. This little house is big on both style, AND space efficiency- particularly with its ingenious bed- one that can be raised and lowered on a track with…

Her own boss with a $200 A Frame Cabin Build -Hipcamp rental!

September 17, 2020 john 18 2247 10:11

Meet a couple that built a DIY tiny transforming A-frame Cabin rental (built from a Derek “Deek” Diedricksen design/plan set (below)) that you can rent (libk below too), Built in southern Massachusetts, Jai and Hector took on this project- one that initially was a simple tent platform by a river passing through their Suburban Farm.…

Woman’s Solo Build- Off grid Tiny A Frame Cabin for only $900!

July 30, 2020 john 30 3686 05:50

Kates Channel HERE- please sub/support her! Kate Tooth Wentworth, a wilderness survival expert residing in Maine, recently decided to build her very own “Transforming A-frame tiny house/cabin” on her wild 18 acre spread- and all without any real prior building experience. Well, she did a FANTASTIC job as you will see in this guest tour…

We Built A $34 Tiny House In 3.5 Days

June 1, 2020 john 26 189021 10:39

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Super Pool House Shed as a Tiny House? This one is pretty awesome!

May 26, 2020 john 38 2427 05:38

I’ve seen A LOT of sheds, and I’ve built quite a few of them as well, and this one is pretty awesome- AND easily has the potential to be converted into a tiny house, or a getaway cabin in the woods- even a small beach cabin? Check out the space, the layout, and the outdoor…

Are Tiny Houses Going to Be the Next BIG Trend?

March 31, 2020 john 22 11090 04:41

Tiny houses are a new trend among homeowners who are interested in sustainable and affordable housing. Unfortunately, tiny homes are becoming heavier, larger and more expensive – eliminating all of the benefits that should come with owning a tiny house. This all changes with Boxabl, a company located in Las Vegas, Nevada. Boxabl is revolutionizing…

A modern cabin in the woods- (art studio, guest cottage, homesteading greenhouse?)

March 24, 2020 john 7 1554 06:29

Built in just two days by hands-on workshop attendees (most that had never built anything before) Derek “Deek” Diedricksen shows us a very simple backwoods cabin build that he designed in North Carolina. Build on Steven Harrell’s land ( ), this cabin was built for around $1500- including the Tuftex wall panels, and the…

From TRASH BARGE to a gorgeous Houseboat Rental!

January 15, 2020 john 27 1971 06:50

Tiny house fans will love this one as it has so much going for it by way of design, space efficiency and utility. The only downside might be the ULTRA small bathroom- which you’ll get to see plenty of. All in all, this place is just amazing(!) and you can rent it by the night…

Wanna build a tiny house/cabin in the desert with us and camp out?

January 2, 2020 john 15 1961 04:43

WORKSHOP link- Derek “Deek” Diedricksen talks about his upcoming workshop in the desert- outside Joshua Tree, California (Twentynine Palms, CA) where all attendees will build a hands-on tiny house cabin as a group. This workshop will also have live demos, guest speakers, camping, and more! May 1-3, 2020! to sign up. HERE is…

This A frame Getaway Cabin is VERY EASY to build!

November 5, 2019 john 12 1728 04:06

Plans are below in the links. Camp, Escape Off Grid, Hunt, or Getaway in this low dough A-Frame- one that can be built with new materials for under $1200- or even quite a bit less as we’ve seen in other featured videos on this channel. We’ve even had some people live in these full time…