Empty parking lot in DC alley becomes stunning young family home

May 14, 2023 john 14 103154 29:24

On a back alley in Washington DC where only a few weed trees grew between derelict cars, Andrew and Hannah Linn erected a totally compostable house of bamboo, cork, wool and wood as a healthy, and affordable, home for their growing family. “For over a century, people lived in hundreds of wooden homes in DC’s…

Mind-Blowing Modern Tiny Tree House Built with Reclaimed Materials – FULL TOUR

September 20, 2020 john 17 2330636 08:53

This epic 2-storey log tree house is built around 9 hemlock posts and salvaged and reclaimed materials that Mike, the builder, saved for years before starting this 3-year project. The upstairs is a complete living area with two sleeping spaces, a kitchen, living and dining room, and a small bathroom. Downstairs is an outdoor lounge…

3 Years Living in a Modern, Off Grid Tiny House

February 20, 2017 john 18 622849 12:45

Dawn built her modern off-grid tiny house in a solar powered work shop in Nova Scotia, Canada with her business partners, Jennifer and James, from Full Moon Tiny Shelters (http://fullmoontinyshelters.com/). We also take a tour of her amazing home. She loves to cook and spends a lot of time on the floor doing yoga, meditation…

Surreal Treetop Bubble Shelters – Full Tour

November 21, 2015 john 0 106126 04:15

The bubbles are inflated with a fan system and are designed with a separate vestibule so that you can get in and out without deflating the structure. The bubbles are placed on elevated wooden platforms to create the impression that you’re in a treehouse. During the day, the clear domes offer panoramic views of the…

V2 Work In Progress Tiny Tour

November 8, 2014 john 0 19342 10:06

Seth Reidy of Nelson Tiny Houses takes you on a tiny tour of our latest V House, a 230 sq. ft. beauty. We filmed this during a regular work day; everything you see is work-in-progress. Check out our building blog for more info on this project. www.nelsontinyhouses.com/building-blog.html

“We the Tiny House People” trailer

October 17, 2014 john 80 45

Full movie here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lDcVrVA4bSQ I stumbled into the Small House Movement by accident of location- my parents live within miles of the tiny house poster boy Jay Shafer and his 89 square foot home-, but within a couple of years I had become a part of it as one of the few, and perhaps only,…