Her Modern TINY HOUSE is Absolutely Stunning! $60k Budget

December 18, 2020 john 25 30435 14:50

VIDEO DESCRIPTION: Kesia, a young architect, designed and built her own Tiny House in Portland, Oregon. She has been living in the modern, beautiful space for a few years, and is currently parked in the side yard of her boyfriend’s house. It’s such a unique way to live, and a beautiful build, we’re excited she…

Timber Frame TINY HOUSE Built by Couple Wanting Better Life

November 29, 2020 john 21 29283 15:44

VIDEO DESCRIPTION: Edwin and Clara built a timber frame Tiny House without any prior experience, and it’s absolutely gorgeous! Now they live off-grid, spend more time in nature, and have achieved their dream life! ———-CREDITS————— PRODUCED & HOSTED BY: Jenna Kausal ADDITIONAL MUSIC: https://www.epidemicsound.com/ OPENING MONTAGE DRONE SHOT: Jonathan Benabed ADDITIONAL PHOTOS & VIDEOGRAPHY PROVIDED…

Couple Build Incredible Handcrafted Tiny House

November 27, 2020 john 20 97692 21:20

There’s nothing quite like a handcrafted home. A place where people have poured all their love and hard work into creating a unique and beautiful house that’s totally their own. This exquisitely built tiny house is just one of those homes. This DIY tiny house has predominantly been constructed from reclaimed materials, bringing a tremendous…

Why I MOVED OUT of my TINY HOUSE & What’s Next!

November 20, 2020 john 25 43127 08:25

SPEND THE NIGHT IN JENNA’S TINY HOUSE: https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/29989846 RECEIVE UP TO $65 OFF YOUR FIRST AIRBNB STAY: https://www.airbnb.com/c/jspesard ———CREDITS————- VIDEO SHOT, EDITED, & PRODUCED BY: Jenna Kausal MUSIC: Epidemic Sound

Tiny House Affords Young Couple Big Future Dreams

November 15, 2020 john 20 156160 16:36

Jackery is celebrating its 8th anniversary and its official website is on 15% off of all products for 3 days! Check their website: https://www.jackery.com/pages/jackery-8th-anniversary?aff=27 In this weeks episode we visit Nicola and Arron, a dynamic young couple who have some big dreams for the future, that have been made possible thanks to a tiny house.…

Veteran Builds Adorable BUS HOUSE to Live In! #BusLife

November 11, 2020 john 23 12609 11:56

VIDEO DESCRIPTION: Airforce veteran, Brittany, bought and renovated an old school bus into an adorable Tiny Home. The total square footage is only 95 square feet, but she does a great job of maximizing the space and adding some sparkle to the design (you’ll see what I mean). ————- CREDITS ————— PRODUCER/HOST: Jenna Kausal VIDEOGRAPHER:…

You Won’t Believe This Amazing Tiny House & Parking Spot!

November 7, 2020 john 19 156122 17:22

In this weeks episode we travel to the winterless North of New Zealand to visit an inspiring couple who have built an out-of-this-world tiny house with a parking spot that you won’t believe! There’s a saying in the tiny house world that home is where you park it, and this tiny house really has found…

Modern Meets Rustic Design In Dream Tiny House

October 30, 2020 john 20 107848 17:25

If you like a modern home mixed with a whole lot of rustic charm, then this tiny house could be the one for you. Beautifully designed and situated on a suburban property just outside of Auckland, New Zealand this compact house is a dream home for it’s owner / builder Lisa. Lisa is no stranger…

You’ve Never Seen A Tiny House Like This Before!

October 15, 2020 john 20 161805 16:44

This tiny house is as unique as it is stunning! When building a tiny house, the more time that you can spend in the design phase, the more likely you are to create a home that will truly meet your needs and that’s exactly the case with this incredible tiny house on wheels which has…