prebuilt homes -Off grid cabin – tiny house – options you can afford for 10k

They make these in every ! The last video was in NC this is South OK. This cabin is as affordable as a car payment and you own it! Lots of room too!
The owners business number is 580-481-4263. He can answer all your questions.
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  1. I would imagine prices have doubled in the last 7 years. Lumber and materials are very high now.
    Also, consider: you’re getting NO insulation, no amenities such as water or power or even heat or cooling, no interior at all, and it’s mostly soft wood, plywood, and other engineered products. It can be considered a temporary structure as there is no foundation. It’s barely protection from the weather, but it might make a fair-weather cottage or storage shed. The best feature is probably the metal roof.

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