At 22, buys & customizes lofted home in Pocket Neighborhood on a budget

March 24, 2024 john 22 310342 18:33

Christian Curry was the first of his friends to buy a home. At just 22, he bought a 600-square-foot starter home within biking distance of downtown Tempe (Arizona). His is one of 13 “humble homes” that make up Tempe Micro Estates, developed to help address the lack of affordable housing in this college town. Priced…

Young Family Built Their Own Tiny House on Wheels for Affordable Living

March 16, 2024 john 20 197891 15:31

Ashley and Chad decided to build their own tiny home on wheels after not being able to go the traditional route of buying a house with a mortgage. They’ve lived in their DIY tiny house for 3.5 years now and say this lifestyle has improved their quality of life in many ways. After the initial…

Turns empty lot into Pocket Neighborhood of 4 shotgun houses

February 4, 2024 john 20 259866 23:15

Just outside the historic downtown of Waco, Texas (Dr Pepper was founded here in 1885) you normally find small bungalows drowned by large lots, but Cameron Bell has squeezed four narrow houses onto his quarter acre, creating a pocket hood of unique homes (shotgun house and dogtrot house included). It all started when Cameron Bell…

She downsized to a Tiny Home after her husband passed away

February 2, 2024 john 19 131313 12:42

Dorothy takes us on a tour of her custom Tiny Home, which is her affordable housing solution after her husband passed away. She lives happily in a tiny house community, surrounded by other people with similar stories and interests. INCREDIBLE TINY HOMES: _______________________ MORE MORE MORE! CREDITS PRODUCED & HOSTED BY: Jenna Kausal VIDEOGRAPHY…

500-Square-Feet Small House with a Loft

October 20, 2014 john 364 755

This loft house by SmallWorks Studios packs everything you could possibly need into 500-square-feet of living space. And it even has a garage and upstairs balcony. Full post: SmallWorks Studios: Couple who built their own: