Manifesting a Tiny House, Love & a Village! Tiny Home Community TOUR

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Video Chapters:
0:00 – meet the community founders
2:08 – tiny home community tour

5:02 – 12- wide
5:57 – Molly's tiny journey
9:37 – kickstarting the community

12:46 – inclusive community vision
13:52 – community garden
15:25 – perks

18:30 – approvals

21:42 – Texas
22:22 – community benefits

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  1. Namastay Hideaway founders Chuck & Molly poured much sweat equity & TLC into the process. The result is a thoughtfully crafted, welcoming, drama-free & lovely community. ❤It’s definitely helpful that Molly had experience living in a tiny house and in another community to know what matters. Enjoy a look inside, plus a tour of a residents’ park model tiny home! 👉 *Watch tours of their residents’ cat paradise tiny house:* 😸 *& Tia’s 3-bedroom THOW:*

  2. How surprising, that watching American shows about people looking for a new home in a fairly large budget every time they complain about the proximity of neighbors, literally in every episode, it gives you food for thought, they seem as if they don’t like people so much from the heart, while the community of the ‘tiny house’ movement emphasizes the advantages not only economically but also from proximity to people with whom they very often establish long-term friendships. And it’s great that I would love to join them myself.

    • It was/is our dream our mission to build a community of open-minded tiny living people. We are very grateful that we get to be part of this village. Hopefully, we create more love, acceptance, and community in our tiny corner of the world.

  3. This was a great story .. love that these people put that much effort into creating a good place for others of like mind. It’s difficult to buck the system .. in the cities .. so find a place in the country .. then you have much less to fret over!

  4. This is the BEST tiny community I’ve seen. encourages tolerance, has storm shelters, a dog park, community garden, it’s amazing!

  5. What a wonderful couple. It’s great to see there is a community like this in Texas where people are tolerant, open-minded and progressive.

  6. This is a great place. Molly and Chuck are great folks. Further they are professional and very personable host and property managers. This is a well managed tiny home community with a distinct culture.

  7. Oh yes, living in a 5th wheel RV while it’s storming in central Oklahoma is SCARY. A storm shelter is the most room in your home. PERIOD 😊

  8. Love this, and thank you for thinking about the storm shelters. It’s a huge sense of security to not have to worry about that.❤🙏🍀⭐♥️

  9. Salute to the couple. This is an inspiration for me. I’ll keep this inspiration for the future home and community of my children. That safety vault/tunnel or storm shelter is a plus especially that we have been hit hard by Typhoon Rai in 2021 and left our forests bare of leaves and enumerable number of fallen trees. It was so disheartening to see our part of Palawan with barren trees. That one unforgettable experience led me to search for typhoon resistant houses and other means of keeping safe in a ravaging storm.

  10. What a completely amazing place and people! I wish we had this in Seattle.😢 So much respect and love for your vision, your realization of the dream, and the beautiful community you have built.

  11. What a lovely village they have created! ✨️💖✨️ If that were my garden, I’d put up some posts, run connecting 2×4’s at the top, then put shade cloth over it. That’s what I do here in the high plains in Colorado, except I use cattle panels hooked over in one section.

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