How a Solo Woman converted a Shuttle Bus into a Tiny Home – DIY Build

November 21, 2023 john 25 15127 10:38

🏡 Welcome to our DIY Tiny Home Build Stories series about building insights, tips & how-tos! 🛠️ New episodes on Tuesdays. After living in her 40-ft school bus conversion, she chose to downsize to be more nimble on the road but didn’t want a van. She shares excellent tips for choosing the right home on…

How she built a Tiny House with 70% Recycled Materials for $25k

November 14, 2023 john 22 17021 09:32

🏡 Welcome to our DIY Tiny Home Build Stories series about building insights, tips & how-tos! 🛠️ New episodes on Tuesdays. Her 6 m /20 ft THOW design was directly influenced by the free & low-cost items she collected. Danielle shares how she did it, her top places to source materials, how to install cedar…

Secluded Hand Built Tiny House in the Forest Full Tour!

November 14, 2023 john 21 29262 08:05

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How they built their dream Tiny House & improved their relationship

November 7, 2023 john 29 25750 13:56

🏡 Welcome to our DIY Tiny Home Build Stories series about building insights, tips & how-tos! 🛠️ New episodes on Tuesdays. They share how they did it, design tips & excellent advice for how to get started if you want to build your own dream tiny home. 🏡✨❤️ ✨Check out our website for tiny house…

She built an affordable home from Tiny House Shell & you can too!

October 24, 2023 john 33 19665 10:24

🏡 Welcome to our new DIY Tiny Home Build Stories episode with building insights, tips & how-tos! She built out a 6.7 m / 22 ft tiny house shell from Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses. The total cost came to just $38k! 🏡✨❤️ ✨Check out our website for tiny house resources: CREDITS: ❇️ produced by…

The Perfect Tiny Home In A Dream Location!

October 23, 2023 john 25 19713 09:00

This is an absolute dream of a tiny home – and property to live on. Today we’re touring a tiny home built by Rover Tiny Homes, currently located in Merrit BC on a private acreage! This home was built to A277 BC building code, and offers one of best layouts I’ve ever seen in a…

She Designed This Stunning Modular Tiny House

October 21, 2023 john 21 102736 15:29

Interested In Being Featured On The Channel? VIDEO DESCRIPTION: Shaye is no stranger to building and designing tiny homes. She has over 10 years of experience with tiny homes and this modular tiny house is evidence of her expertise! There are tons of clever design elements executed in this build. When all three sections of…

DIY! Couple builds minimalist single level Tiny House with Murphy bed

October 17, 2023 john 37 22373 14:56

🏡 Welcome to our new episode of DIY Tiny Home Build Stories! 🛠️ Kate & Brad built an extra-tiny tiny house on wheels. While only 115 sqft / 10.7 sqm, the transforming features & multifunctional furniture make it live much larger. A DIY Murphy bed system is the key to making their single level tiny…

The BEST tiny home layout you’ve ever seen!

October 16, 2023 john 25 46424 06:27

Today we’re taking a tour of what could be one of the best tiny home layouts this channel has seen. With a floor plan that’s 12′ wide and 44′ long, this home does not leave a tiny first impression! This floor plan is know as the Orca Edition Park Model and was built by Mint…

She’s lived in 3 Tiny Houses! Her design ideas & lifestyle advice

October 10, 2023 john 39 25620 18:47

🏡 Welcome to DIY Tiny Home Build Stories! Meet Brenda, a longtime solo woman tiny house dweller who has lived in 3 tiny homes. She shares a walkthrough of her current 18.5 sqm / 200 sqft tiny house, along with her best design ideas, maintenance advice & DIY solutions. 🛠️ For example, she planned for…