Compact 285sqft (26sqm) Tiny House! Full Tour!

Today we 2 ! The Noble and its neighbor the Aframe. The Noble Nook is only 285sqft with a full , and bathroom. Impressive amount of space in this tiny . Enjoy!

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  1. Really nice tiny homes. Well planned & designed, outside, too. I’m surprised you don’t know about bamboo products. Bamboo products are a clean, environmentally sustainable, super soft alternative to many everyday items. Such as, bedding, reusable paper towels, clothing, and toilet paper. Using bamboo doesn’t destroy an entire forest that will take thirty years to regrow. Who wants to use toilet paper that’s made of who knows what! Check into bamboo, you may want to make some changes. Thanks so much for another well done video. I hope Savanna, Bishop, & Weston are doing well. Many, many blessings

    • Yeah, Levi, what do you have against bamboo toilet paper? It’s better for the environment, and the one I use is comparable to traditional toilet paper in terms of softness & durability. Maybe the one you tried wasn’t up to snuff? But look into better reviewed bamboo toilet paper brands, and consider making the change.

  2. 3:18 that’s considered a full size fridge in the USA? it’s small😅 this house is mega cute though! 4:01 I kmow you put sqm for the noble nook, but it would be helpful if you did for this too for those of us who don’t use ft please 4:45 omg. I love the kitchen! 5:20 I’m obsessed 😍

  3. While I preferred the downstairs practicality of the A frame, that roof bedroom was exceptionally tight and I’m a huge fan of extremely tiny homes! In the end the Noble Nook was better. And I never thought I’d hear you ask ‘Do I look like a panda?’ 🤣🤣🤣

  4. Absolutely loved this video. It was your usual awesome but you really seemed to just let loose and be yourself! Your humor had us dying at the end. As well as your replies to some of these comments 😂 keep that up Levi, you being YOU is super awesome!! 🎉
    Also I loved the cabins – so cozy. We just came from North Carolina for work last year. Really loved our time there.

  5. They both look amazing and comfortable. Really like the black and white with the wood 😎
    Also, it’s quite nice that they have the plants next to the hottub, which is also sunken into the deck, so you can have a bit more privacy. They really thought about it and not just put it there as an afterthought 👍🏻🙂

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