How a Solo Woman converted a Shuttle Bus into a Tiny Home – DIY Build

November 21, 2023 john 25 15125 10:38

🏡 Welcome to our DIY Tiny Home Build Stories series about building insights, tips & how-tos! 🛠️ New episodes on Tuesdays. After living in her 40-ft school bus conversion, she chose to downsize to be more nimble on the road but didn’t want a van. She shares excellent tips for choosing the right home on…

He’s living the Tiny House dream on his waterfront land, debt-free!

November 17, 2023 john 30 53122 21:32

Get your LUNA 4 & save 35% off! Available for the 1st 100 viewers: 🧖‍♀️ 🏡 Meet Lawerance, who has lived in 2 tiny homes since 2016. After his first micro tiny home on wheels was stolen (& recovered!), he upgraded to an 8.5 m / 28 ft THOW. He purchased an affordable tiny…

How she built a Tiny House with 70% Recycled Materials for $25k

November 14, 2023 john 22 17021 09:32

🏡 Welcome to our DIY Tiny Home Build Stories series about building insights, tips & how-tos! 🛠️ New episodes on Tuesdays. Her 6 m /20 ft THOW design was directly influenced by the free & low-cost items she collected. Danielle shares how she did it, her top places to source materials, how to install cedar…

Secluded Hand Built Tiny House in the Forest Full Tour!

November 14, 2023 john 21 29262 08:05

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Single mom & daughter tiny house on her own private land

November 10, 2023 john 20 27667 20:58

Yoshino’s Black Friday Deals are live now, running from Nov. 10 – Nov. 30. Save up to a whopping $1200! Discover the deals: VIDEO DESCRIPTION: Stephanie, a single mother, built a custom tiny house as means to achieve home ownership. She talks about how she’s ensured the space can grow with her young daughter,…

How they built their dream Tiny House & improved their relationship

November 7, 2023 john 29 25750 13:56

🏡 Welcome to our DIY Tiny Home Build Stories series about building insights, tips & how-tos! 🛠️ New episodes on Tuesdays. They share how they did it, design tips & excellent advice for how to get started if you want to build your own dream tiny home. 🏡✨❤️ ✨Check out our website for tiny house…

Tiny House retirement in a cozy Tiny House Village – one story design

November 3, 2023 john 22 25165 14:19

During retirement, Ken and Laurel downsized into a custom built tiny house in Escalante Tiny House Village to embrace community and enjoy the freedom of simple living. _______________________ ________________________ MORE MORE MORE! CREDITS PRODUCED & HOSTED BY: Jenna Kausal VIDEOGRAPHY BY: Matt Alexander EDITOR: Marcia Trader ADDITIONAL MUSIC: OPENING MONTAGE DRONE SHOT:…

She Lives Off The Grid in her Custom Tiny House

October 28, 2023 john 22 39018 11:33

Interested In Being Featured On The Channel? VIDEO DESCRIPTION: Glenice lives full time in this custom off grid tiny house build. What makes this tiny home unique is the fact that it is completely off the grid. Glenice gets her power from the sun and water from a collection pool on the property. The kitchen…

Single Mom builds $30k Tiny House on Foundation ($60k w/land) + Yurt

October 27, 2023 john 23 51685 23:13

Meet Lupe, a single mom who lives in a beautifully imperfect & permitted tiny house on foundation with her 9-year-old son Apollo. She built it mostly by herself over 4 years with help from loved ones. Originally, Lupe wanted to live in a yurt, but due to city rules, she pivoted to a building code-compliant…

She built an affordable home from Tiny House Shell & you can too!

October 24, 2023 john 33 19665 10:24

🏡 Welcome to our new DIY Tiny Home Build Stories episode with building insights, tips & how-tos! She built out a 6.7 m / 22 ft tiny house shell from Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses. The total cost came to just $38k! 🏡✨❤️ ✨Check out our website for tiny house resources: CREDITS: ❇️ produced by…