Beautiful Farmhouse Gooseneck Tiny House TOUR w/ Clever Design Ideas

Welcome to the beautiful Junior Mint, a farmhouse-style tiny rental at the Acony Bell Tiny Home Community. It's about 360 sqft (33.5 sqm) with a -feeling yet spacious layout. The gooseneck style allows for a private standing- bedroom. We share a tour AND our design ideas for making this even more as a full-time tiny home. 🏡 It's always a great idea to try tiny living before downsizing. Here, you also get to try out tiny house !


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❇️ edited by Payton Wagner,

0:00 – 40-ft gooseneck tiny house
1:24 – tour
4:16 – tiny kitchen

7:55 – bathroom
8:57 – standing height bedroom
10:28 – ideas
11:48 – loft bedroom ideas
12:55 – living ideas
14:13 – bathroom ideas
15:39 – gooseneck bedroom ideas
16:58 – more tiny house ideas!


  1. The Junior Mint is an absolutely lovely 40 ft tiny house–360 sqft / 33.5 sqm. Thanks to the gooseneck trailer, there’s a standing-height loft bedroom. We share a tour AND our design ideas for making this even more functional as a full-time tiny home. What do you think about the design? Would this work for you? 🏡 See the links in the description for tiny home designs mentioned in the video, AND to book this rental at the wonderful Acony Bell Tiny Home Community! 👉 *Tour our DIY tiny home:*

  2. You are so right about the
    bedroom in the gooseneck!
    I like the bedroom you men
    tioned that dropped the ceil-
    ing to add the bedroom!😊


  3. It’s cute, but I would do what you suggested about that end of the kitchen is wasted space. I would put a u-shaped section of counter/cabinets at end to use that space, with a smaller window. That would be a more efficient use of the space. Even if it was as is as bench seating, why doesn’t it open for more storage? I would love A bigger living room space with a sectional couch. The tv should go right across the living room area. There also aren’t many windows—I’d need more light! Glass door would help. The stairs are useless, they need to be a more normal staircase with more storage under stairs. Why isn’t there any closet space in bedroom? The closet in the bathroom is not enough. I like your redesign idea for the gooseneck, and more closed storage in bathroom. This is great for an Airbnb but not great for full-time living at all. But it’s cute, and serves its purpose here.

    • Really love a u-shaped kitchen! Also, think you’re right on about about the glass door 🙌🙂

  4. Love a gooseneck tiny. Personally for me for full time I would probably swap the kitchen /living space and make the dining bar a drop down. The stools are already stackable.

  5. Not crazy about all that dead space in the kitchen. They should have put a washer/ dryer and that kitchen sink is so small. A 4 burner sink but a tiny sink 😒. A pantry instead of closet for the vacuum

  6. For the suze of that kitchen, that is a small sink. 4 inches wider make a big diff and there is still plenty of workspace.

  7. Beautiful home! How about cut the bench out and put a cute white iron bistro table set in the bay window area and get rid of the wall bar area to open up the living room more?

  8. what u showed is pretty,I love the mint on the cabinets and i do like your ideas.. in kids loft i would have more of a cabinet wall along the opening.. maybe only open at the top, and have a side drop down murphy bed so there is more floor space.i also think moving the floor out over more the kitchen for the kids room. I have 3 and they just wouldnt fit.. I like a 4 burner stove but a 19 inch works good too.the space in the kitchen could use a lagun table mount could use for an office. . It needs a washer dryer.. i do agree with the bed over the bathroom. with the full closet.

  9. Love you guys — your cheery presence is always a pleasure. As a senior, I really wouldn’t want my bedroom up several steps from the bathroom (I broke my arm because of a single step in a place we were staying). So I’d need the bedroom to be on the same level as the bath, but the gooseneck could be the living room (no problem with steps when I’m not half asleep) — so this house would still be quite roomy. As for the loft bedroom — it needs windows that open!!

    • Really cute place and generally well utilization of space to make it seem more open. The stairs to the second loft, however, look like one misstep to the ER! Not sure how to remedy that…a spiral staircase?
      And I’d prefer a table to the existing counter. I was thinking that by screening in part of the deck and adding ceiling fan, you could extend the living space and have a table out there. I would use the kitchen window seat as a storage space if that was doable. Overall, really like it and love the salt box roof!

      Thank you for your fun and informative videos!

      Are there any tiny home communities in Western Washington? I’ve seen Tiny Tranquility in Waldport, Oregon but not sure if anything exists farther North.

    • Sorry to hear about your accident! We can completely appreciate your concern there. And you make an excellent point about the opening window–loft bedrooms need them for managing a comfortable temperature! Thank you for your sweet feedback 💖

    • @feliciasampson8032  we appreciate your kind feedback, and good point on the stairs! They could use a railing for sure. Agreed on the saltbox; would love to see more tiny home designs use this style. 😊 Regarding tiny communities in Western WA, Bowman Hilton mobile home park in Puyallup has a tiny house section ( The Tiny Home Hotel also offers long-term parking spots ( Port Angeles & Port Townsend both passes laws last year to allow THOWs (details: And if you haven’t, definitely join this Fb group, where folks share about parking opportunities:

  10. At first, I wondered about the window at the end of the kitchen…wasted space? Hmmm…but then I got to thinking…it adds more natural light in the kitchen area & helps it feel a little less claustrophobic. My next thought, it would also be a great space to grow kitchen herbs…or just to perch with a cup of coffee while waiting for water to boil? Also I do not really care for nooks to store stuff if I cannot easily reach anything stored in the back…without taking everything in front completely out first. I do love goose neck frames!

  11. great video and I like the home. I like the suggestions and agree there could be updates made. shivering black bell thumbs up and hearts!!

  12. I was thinking of some of the ideas you were. Steps. Why? You are absolutely right about living room I like a good iced kitchen but it is a tiny home. The living room is important like you said. I was kind of shocked to see just the tiny ‘chair’ really and no tables or decoration I would never boy this if it was for my home. Even for a Bob there is not enough seating.

  13. Beautiful!! All nice ideas.👍👍🤗 I still like one video which showed the laundry area and (think) hanging clothes in the gooseneck.

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