Retired Woman helps to build her own Affordable Tiny House – so cute!

🏘️ Her tiny in Texas:


🤝 Brand Deals:

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Video Chapters:
0:00 – retiree's
0:45 – tiny home community
1:59 – interior tiny house with downstairs bed
6:43 –
7:44 – downsizing
8:22 – kitchen design
13:42 – bathroom
15:10 – Incredible Tiny Homes workshop
17:32 – , budget tiny home
18:35 – simple living lessons
19:15 – hello from

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  1. Cheryl loves her tiny home & life at The Bird’s Nest Tiny Home Community. Making her retirement truly affordable. Many yrs ago, she helped build it through an amazing Incredible Tiny Homes program. They built an affordable tiny house shell and then provided mentoring for her & friends to come finish as much of the interior at their shop. She shares clever tips & tricks to maximize her 5.5 m/18 ft home!
    👉 *TOUR another solo lady’s THOW (bartered w/builder for big savings):*

  2. I’m glad that you love your little home and I love your quilt work I wish we could have seen it closer up. It looks absolutely gorgeous but probably it’s just the throw good for you that you are able to do your craft still in a tiny. Be happy enjoy your life be healthy be thankful❤ you are blessed❤… so thankful that you mentioned about getting rid of your possessions I’m planning on a tiny house myself and I’ve collected a lot I’m a Sentimental person and have a lot of pieces I don’t want to get rid of butt looks like I’ll have to I find it hard to even think about it but I’m hoping I’ll be able to do it as simple and easy as you have❤… thank you for that dear you’ve been helpful and you are a blessing

    • She actually meant $21-22k (we put the $22k on the screen but totally understand if you missed it 🙂). But that’s still a fantastic deal!

  3. I love your house, it’s so nice! I would love to build a similar house here in Canada (and I will, soon), but my version will have to be slightly larger because in Ontario, Canada, a ‘tiny house’ must not be any smaller than 200 square feet in size. So my house will have to be 8ft wide x 25 feet long in order to be legal here in Canada.

  4. hello from another “tiny gal” looking to live tiny in CND – thnx for sharing your tiny home and your story – love that so much of your tiny house is built for your needs and enjoyment – yours is the only tiny that I’ve seen that would meet most of my needs too – early birthday greetings – be well and enjoy this phase of your life 🇨🇦🙏

  5. Beautiful house, beautiful person, beautiful life !! You are the perfect example of someone that could be my best friend. Much love to you Cheryl…………..M

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