Beautiful Simple Living in a Tiny House Sanctuary

April 5, 2024 john 20 99770 20:36

Molly is an inspiring young woman who lives simply and beautifully in her dream tiny house. This is a sanctuary space that reflects her values and all the things that are truly important to her, all embodied in the walls she has built around herself. Her home. Situated on a dream rural property in Tasmania,…

Biokabin: our modular eco-home to snap & build in backyard, Nature

March 31, 2024 john 19 57099 42:27

People have asked us over the years, “if you were to build a simple home what would it look like”. So we decided to build one. Enter Biokabin, a modular eco-home made of wood. At first we didn’t know everything about it, but we were sure that house needed to belong to the place, to…

Young Family Built Their Own Tiny House on Wheels for Affordable Living

March 16, 2024 john 20 197891 15:31

Ashley and Chad decided to build their own tiny home on wheels after not being able to go the traditional route of buying a house with a mortgage. They’ve lived in their DIY tiny house for 3.5 years now and say this lifestyle has improved their quality of life in many ways. After the initial…

Retired Woman helps to build her own Affordable Tiny House – so cute!

February 2, 2024 john 21 156146 19:40

Meet Cheryl, a joyful retiree who’s been living in her cute tiny house for 7 years in 2 tiny home communities. While only 13 sqm / 140 sqft, she adores living in her tiny home with a downstairs bed–fully maximized with clever storage solutions. The only way she could afford it was to do a…

The Dream Simple Life In A Handcrafted Tiny Home

January 26, 2024 john 20 383110 19:36

In this weeks episode we meet an inspiring couple who have built the most beautiful tiny home for themselves. After spending years living overseas, Kate and Benoît made the decision to return to New Zealand to build their dream small home. Working together, they constructed a home which is artful and astoundingly beautiful. Amazingly, thanks…

Homelessness To Living Tiny – Her DIY Camper Renovation

January 20, 2024 john 28 660384 15:13

Interested In Being Featured On The Channel? VIDEO DESCRIPTION: Welcome back, everyone! Do you remember touring “Treasure” with Vanessa? Today, she’s inviting you to explore her beautifully remodeled tiny home camper trailer. Prepare to be inspired! 🌟 🍳 Your Kitchen Adventure: Step into Vanessa’s kitchen, where she’s transformed the space with her unique flair. Notice…

How to Build a Mortgage-Free Small House for $5,900

October 18, 2014 john 57 50

This video shows you how you might be able to build your own mortgage-free small house for less than $6,000! And how this couple actually did it. Full post: Our blog: Our newsletter: Plans: Our iTunes Podcast: Thank you for watching!

Tiny Houses [SIV 105]

October 17, 2014 john 224 37

PLEASE WATCH IN HIGH QUALITY! 11/17/08: The tiny house movement is getting HUGE as Americans shrink their budgets and look for affordable alternatives to their Stuff Nation. Peter King has been building tiny houses for years and hopes to teach others the basics of simple living. Music: Silent Mind, 2012 Here We Come, “I Want…