The Dream Simple Life In A Handcrafted Tiny Home

In this weeks episode we meet an inspiring who have built the most for themselves. After spending years living overseas, Kate and Benoît made the decision to return to New Zealand to their dream small home.

Working together, they constructed a home which is artful and astoundingly . Amazingly, thanks to thrifty material sourcing and their DIY attitude, the home was completed significantly under-budget!

With the home now finished, Benoît and Kate can enjoy the fruits of their and a slower, simpler way of life. Tending to their gardens and spending time in nature, and doing the things they love.

We hope you enjoy the of this brilliantly built home.

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Presented and Produced by: Bryce Langston

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  1. It’s go good to be back with our very first episode of 2024. This year is shaping up to be a big one with lots of things to look forward to in tiny house world. We loved visiting Kate and Benoît. They are such a positive and capable couple who aren’t afraid to get stuck in and give something a go! The house they have built for themselves is absolutely stunning and a testament to their creativity and willpower. Enjoy the tour! With Love, Bryce & Rasa

  2. Beautiful home, adorable couple! I hope you don’t have to leave the place where you are. As cuddly as you two are, you’ll be making some babies soon.

  3. Omg the stairs are unreal!!! 😮 also hate the black tile in the kitchen I don’t think it goes but everything else is lush 😍

  4. Lovely home, greate couple❤Enjoy guys.Thank you for sharing with us.I’m still learning from Brice’s videos, but pretty sure want a tiny style life.Thank you all for great work and ideas.I enjoyed this video very much❤

  5. I absolutely love tinys that are lower budget ,salvaged materials, Homes like these show that quality does not need to be sacrificed to build a beautiful , affordable dwelling. Well done guys! Fabulous work of art !

  6. Such a lovely looking small home that they built together, and the balance of how things went together was so beautifully done. I was also impressed by their craftiness in each way that they managed to make thing’s come together piece, by piece. Everything was so Amazing, and gave me some idea’s to use towards my own projects in the future. Fantastic job guys! 😁👍👏💯

  7. Such a beautiful home and you live in such an amazing country, I would like to travel to New Zealand one day, thank your for sharing😍

  8. This couple’s eye for aesthetics and color palette is incredible! From the home to the tiniest details – the drawers, the jewelry stand and even the mugs, cutting board, kettles … All stunning and aesthetically pleasing choices. And the framed drawings on the wall are lovely and whimsical. What a charming space!

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