Tiny Home Tour + Revealing Plans for the Stone Houses

Giving a tour through my (unfinished but cozy) tiny home and telling you about the plans for the other 3 houses on my - paradise! 🙈🛠️
This will become my tiny home with everything you need in 17m2, except for a . I'm excited to finding smart for making this a cozy and generous space, nevertheless with enough .
0:00 My Ideas for the 3 Houses
02:16 (unfinished but cozy)
06:36 Preparing the KITCHEN ! Tiling a Backsplash
11:14 Winter Walk to the Waterfall in the Forest
18:43 Connecting the Sockets – let there be light!

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Music Credits: Courtesy of www.epidemicsound.com
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  1. FELIZ PRIMAVERA to you MAYA FELIZ, but i want to keep on skiing here in the States until late March.
    You have skills rapariga.

  2. Hallo Maya, ich sehe mir immer deine Videos an und die Fortschritte die Du auf dein Land und Haus machst. Toll, ist es jetzt schon geworden. Ich werde mir ein kleinen Camper Ausbauen vielleicht schaffe ich es mal nach Portugal zu fahren. Und mir dieses Land anzusehen. Viel Glück, Erfolg und Spaß weiterhin. LG Britta 😊

  3. you are so cool i love watching you working on your sweet old buildings. you do great work cant wait to see your next project.

  4. When you are cutting tile or pouring dry cement products to mix, you should wear a dust mask to protect your lungs. The damage this dust does is cumulative and does not go away. It can be worse than smoking tobacco long term.

  5. It was great to have a little look at the work you have done so far and at your plans for the future. Good work on the splashback, it looks great.

  6. Hi there,house looking good now, if not on yet get some mosquito screens for your doors and windows,not sure where you are or how close lidls are however from time to time lidls have DIY screens,get there app then you will see when available,door ones are around 40€ I think window ones about the same,easy to make and fit.

  7. What did the property cost, and how much did u pay for the renovstion? And how much m2 is the property? And Would be great if you (grob gesagt 😁) could say in which area of portugal your land is. Greeeetzzz tobi 😊

  8. Well Maya you should be so proud of you work cannot believe how far you come in such a short time just remember Rome was not búilt in a day the team work shaw payed of each week I love to see a new video been up loadedyou family must be very proud of you

  9. schau dir vespa peter thema anzünden einer feuerstelle (backofen) an .hab ich immer falsch von unten gemacht.hatte immer rauchiges ofenglas .gruß aus sh

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